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Frequently Asked Questions

Product policies

All of our products are derived from natural and organic materials. We work closely with all of our suppliers and providers to ensure that only the very ingredients are used in the creation of our products. We believe that this extra effort is really noticeable in our products. We are also passionate about responsible sourcing and take into account things such as sustainability, ethics and organic growing when sourcing any of our materials.

We love all animals and don't believe in cruelty to animals. As such, none of our ingredients are derived from animals or animal products. We have never tested on animals. All of our products are completely vegan.

We're always working on improving our environmental impact. A lot of our postage and packaging materials are, and can be, recycled. We know we're not perfect but the more we do, the better we get.

Can I return my item? 

Please see our returns policy.


Where  are  you  based?

You can find us at one of our London Markets. We also travel to you for private bookings. Please contact us for more information.

What is henna?

Henna is commonly found in Asia, and Northern parts of Africa. Our natural Henna is a paste made from the powdered leaves of the Henna plant, Lawsonia inermis, which is then used to make the henna paste which dyes the skin.

Where  can  I  have  my  henna  tattoo?
Traditional henna is drawn in delicate patterns on the hands and feet, but modern henna is applied in all sorts of designs anywhere on the body.

How  long  do  I  have  to  leave  the  henna  paste  on??
The henna paste dries in 30-45 minutes after applying. It is best to leave the henna paste on as long as you can. The longer you leave it on, the darker it will be, so let it crumble off naturally.

Why  is  my  henna  tattoo  initially  orange??
Don't worry this is normal! When the henna first comes off it will be orange, as the colour matures to its darkest brown over the next 24-48 hours. Each person's stain will be different depending on their skin.

How  long  before  my  event  should  I  have  my  henna  done?
It is best to get your henna done 1-2 days before your event. This is because the henna takes 24-48 hours to mature to its darkest colour.

Will  I  get  an  allergic  reaction  to  your  henna? 
No. The henna we use is completely natural, so it is very unlikely that anyone will have an allergic reaction. If you are still concerned or have senstive skin please inform us and we can offer a free patch test.

Do  you  offer  black  henna  tattoos?
No! Henna is NEVER black! If it is then it is not natural henna. Chemicals which are commonly used in hair dyes and sometimes even petrol are added to a henna paste to give it a black stain. This is known to have very bad effects on the skin and leave horrible burns. We only use completely natural henna which leaves a dark brown strain.  

How  do I  make  my  henna  stain  darker?
Mix some lemon and sugar together and apply it over the henna paste when it has dried making the henna stay on longer. When the henna paste has crumbled off, apply Vicks or Vaseline over the tattoo. Avoid perfumed moisturisers and anti-bacterial gels.

How  far  in  advance  do  I  need  to  book  an  artist?
Please contact us as soon as you have a confirmed date to book, even if its a few months or a year in advance.

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