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Sacred Stone & Oil Burners

These soapstone and ceramic oil burners are ideal to burn our sacred stones.

tea light
20 tea lights £1.99
burner akasa
Akasa incense burner - no charcoal necessary £16.00
01 leaf oil burner
Autumn leaf soapstone oil burner £14.99
oil burner black
Black soapstone oil burner spring flowers £11.99
burner blue
Flower of life in blue £19.95
burner purple
Flower of life in purple £19.95
oil burner 3
Ganesh temple pillar stone & oil burner Soapstone £12.99
01 oil burner
henna ceramic oil burner £9.95
01 fish
lucky fish ceramic oil burner £8.00
01 burner
Luna incense burner - no charcoal necessary £33.00
berk chimney side
Smoking Inka Chimney incense burner £19.95
01 surya
Surya incense burner- no charcoal necessary £42.00
01 oil burner
Waves soapstone oil burner £14.99